My Favourite Time of the Year

Yes, it’s time again.

In this delightful clip from the underrated “Halloween III: Season of the Witch”, we hear a quite embellished and dramatized version of the festive occasion’s origins.

Of course, there’s the obvious Catholic saint celebration, giving it the name of All Hallows’ Eve, being the eve before the saints’ day.

However, these days it has become a completely commercial enterprise, celebrating candy, spooky costumes, scary decorations and horror stories. Parents lament having to fall in step with those who observe the holiday and send their kids trick or treating, because they are forced to buy candy and are threatened at eggpoint to hand it over.

These are, of course, lamentable aspects of this relative newcomer to our calendar, but I, for one, LOVE Halloween.

It is completely fake and made up. It generates revenue for retail stores in the shape of novelty items. TV shows weird horror films. Pundits complain of the Americanization of society.

None of which outweighs the rush of eating shitloads of candy, listening to thematic music, watching scary movies, putting on monster costumes and entertaining the kids with ghost stories.

Kids are smarter than we think. They get that the horror of Halloween is fake, but they also get the hidden messages in it.

Be nice, because one day you will be dead. Enjoy it while it lasts. Eat candy, be on the lookout for things that remind you you’re alive and scream with laughter when you’re scared.

This is the one holiday that celebrates life honestly.

You can disagree. It’s a free country. But come October 31, this house will look like Dracula’s castle, and I will look… well, pretty much the same as always, and there will be music and jack o’lanterns everywhere.

Happy Samhain!

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