How To Shave

I wasn’t blessed with sons, and since I don’t think teaching my daughters how to shave their pits and legs is very manly, I’ll just have to teach the Internet.

Take one unshaven punk.


Yeah, you’ll do.

Now, find something sharp.


Sure, why not.

Next, apply lather. Lots of lather.


Looking good. Now scrape it all off. First with the hairs, then against. Leave eyebrows. Very important.


Good, good. The jugular is tricky to shave. Go easy.

One trip to the emergency room later, you should look like this:


Because we shave one side of the head at a time. We just do. Because screw you, that’s why.

End result:


Because now you no longer look like a hairy knob end, but a shaven one.

An improvement, I’m told.

Good luck.

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