Blasphemy: Reloaded

Eight months ago, I wrote this about blasphemy, and I felt pretty good about it:

Why I blaspheme

In these times of being so deeply offended by the statements of non-believers pertaining to your particular deity, everyone seems perfectly convinced we should treat each other with respect, tolerance and good will. This is, of course, an admirable goal, yet one which is extended to some ludicrous, relativistic extreme, in that its purported goal of peaceful coexistence means that no one is allowed to say anything even remotely offensive to anyone. “It’s against my religion,” they say. “It’s offensive to my interpretation of the (insert holy scripture of choice here)”.

The people who react in such a way are always quick to denounce whoever transgresses in the slightest. To exacerbate matters, the extremists follow suit by lighting things on fire; buildings, vehicles, people, flags, and so on. As though this horrendous act of blasphemy were only a trigger for hateful, violent, inhuman behavior.

Over the years, I have become gradually more lenient and tolerant towards those of a different spiritual conviction than I, until I finally understood the crucial role tolerance and mutual respect played in creating a better, more humane society in which people were truly free.

I have learned to appreciate and admire, even befriend people of different faiths, which I would once have thought impossible. I am glad of their acquaintance, and wouldn’t want to offend them, or by omission of observance, jeopardize our relationship. Their relationships with their deities are theirs.

So why blaspheme? What purpose could it possibly serve, other than to make a whole lot of people furiously angry, and make everybody else think you an idiot for consciously offending those to whom blasphemy is anathema?

I blaspheme because without blasphemy, faith has nothing against which to pit itself. Without blasphemy, we are living in constant fear of the unspoken. Without blasphemy, there is a constant elephant in your room, regularly voiding his bowels on your head. Without blasphemy, we are sliding ever so slowly back into the proverbial Dark Ages.

I respect and care for my religious friends. I do not for one second think that any one faith should be given respect equal to that given to a human being. If your god has a value greater than a human, that human is yourself, and I will endeavor to respect anyone who subjugates him- or herself before his or her god in this way. But the moment they demand the same for others, they are dictating terms. Commanding respect for their own god.

I won’t have it. Never.

Do any of you realize that your idea of god is just that – your idea of god? Do you, in your hubris, pretend that your idea of god IS god? If god exists, he probably doesn’t look like an old, bearded guy in the sky, or any other similar affectations.

It is your IDEAS of god I blaspheme. Your ideas of a god that only you have a direct hotline to. And you DARE call blasphemers arrogant? Were it not for us, you wouldn’t have anything to make the fires of your faith burn brightly against the backdrop of the void.

So fuck your god.

Love, me.

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