Since I’m an old man these days, I thought it’d be a laugh to point out how curiously my perspective has changed in all the ways we consider important in the course of my lifetime, leaving me basically the same person.

Allow me to explain. I used to not care about things I consider essential these days. I have switched political parties. I have switched philosophies. I consider other things important.

In what ways have I, or indeed anyone, remained the same?

Well, I still like to pick fights. I still like to see what is the outcome of a fight, win or lose. I still appreciate the fundamental absurdity of existence. I still feel more strongly about people than ideas, despite fighting over the latter tooth and nail.

I’m still a scatterbrained lazybones who needs discipline and fixed routines to keep from imploding. I’m still dedicated to the hope beyond hope that people are fundamentally good in the sense that they will do their own thing with malice toward none. I’m still angry.

I have been angry all my life. I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Most of the time it’s what sways me to get up after being knocked down.

Which is basically what I’m trying to say. You may not be your job, or your politics, or your faith, but you are most definitely YOU.

Think about it.

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