The Hidden

“Nothing is hidden so much that it wouldn’t be revealed through its fruit.”

-Paracelsus, occultist, alchemist and holder of one of the coolest noms de guerre of history.

Today I want to ramble about something I find fascinating, and which appears at odds with being a rational, sane member of society.


Often used interchangeably with esotericism and New Age, not to mention devil worship and human sacrifice, it is one of those things we treat with blank stares, polite silences, ridicule, offense or outright antagonism. Should you be an occultist, like a Wiccan, ritual magician, Satanist, Thelemite, Rosicrucian, Setian, Golden Dawn member or any variant thereof, you must surely be in need of professional help before you hurt yourself, right?

I mean, these people are superstitious, blasphemous and emotionally crippled, right?

I wouldn’t be so sure. Very few occultists I know are emotionally crippled. They have been hurt, but I find them to have an outlook that is more based on comedy and self-confidence than I could say about most other people.

Blasphemous? Sure. They couldn’t give a wet slap of their magic wands about the existence of ANY deity.

But why do they have to be so superstitious? It just looks silly, doesn’t it? I mean, if you asked them why they deal in occult studies if they’re so uncaring towards the existence of God, what would they say?

Probably something along the lines of this:

The person who lifts weights to become strong is often ridiculed for never lifting anything to a different spot and leaving it there, like a sane person would. The person who practices running on a treadmill is often ridiculed for being the proverbial hamster. The person who practices point shooting prepares for a battle that may never come.

None of these people waste their time. Other than real improvements to their general fitness, health, skill levels and longevity, they are looking at an improved perspective on life, challenges and achieving their goals.

Besides, they get to do ritual magic. How neat is that?

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