All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

In recent Norwegian news, we learn that a social democrat politician wants the responsibility for his actions to rest with the legislators. He is incapable of controlling his urge to buy and consume sweets, and so calls for legislation to outlaw the discount sale of holiday sweets.

Maybe he has a point. The Norwegian Health Institute has published findings indicating obesity and obesity-related illnesses are on the rise, and we need to take steps to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact our health statistics. Because that would be bad. People suffering from obesity-related illnesses die messy, expensive deaths that are funded by our public health care system. This is, apparently, a problem.

So we must pass laws that make it illegal to sell sweets at a discount, because it might lead to obesity-related illnesses that we pay for through our taxes.

That’s a little cold, isn’t it? How about this instead: upon reaching maturity, you have to sign a paper declaring you mentally fit and competent to take responsibility for your own actions. Or… you get to live as a ward of the state, protected and cared for by a government apparatus of loving grace. Your needs will be met with moderation and your desires and wishes accomodated within reason.

You will not require the right to vote. Your civil liberties will be allowed you as and when they become necessary.

All watched over by machines of loving grace.

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