Bad Self-esteem Advice

Here is one of the worst self-help tips I have ever seen, and it describes a trend: the belief that you are somehow a beautiful and perfect butterfly and people just can’t see it.

I am of the conviction that yes, you are most likely a unique and perfect butterfly, but not in the same way as everybody else. That’s what we seem to fail to grasp: the concept that “unique” actually means unique.

People call it like they see it, and if what they see isn’t superlative, they won’t call it superlative. There’s no reason to go around complaining people can’t see what a beautiful and perfect butterfly you are.

Show them.

When we say we’re perfect and unique, we don’t mean we’re perfect and unique JUST LIKE mr. or ms. So-and-so from that TV show everybody likes, so stop pretending right now.

You can’t pretend you’re beautiful and perfect and unique and complain when people don’t partake in your preferred view of reality.

The same goes for people who strive to be more popular for their looks than others. “I am more unique and perfect than everyone else, because I conform to the ideal more perfectly than anyone else.”

And therein lies the rub:

If you are no longer an insecure teenager, you’ll realise this – that being unique and perfect is about striving to do your own thing regardless of what people think of you. Do that, and you’ll be perfect and unique and beautiful to the people who matter.

Don’t be a watered-down copy of what you saw on TV last night. To thine own self be true. It must then follow, the way the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

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